SNAKE EDGE – Dark Resurrection

If there’s one thing I love besides the extreme metal community, its video games. Video games are another dimension that I can easily escape from reality and just have a fun time sinking in multiple hours upon hours consecutively. Snake Edge, a one person project from Florida is a extreme metal outfit that is heavily influenced and inspired by not only one of my favorite franchises in gaming history, but for a album that I can rest assure needs to be talked more is the fighting series Tekken. Now, anyone knows, Tekken is a beloved video game franchise I’ve been playing for so many years and when I found out there was a band that discusses lyrical themes about Tekken, the characters and references to the games I just had to jump on board immediately and I have to say, this met my expectations very much so. I think the best way to describe Snake Edge’s sound is imagine you’re listening to a technically driven deathcore release say a band like Rings Of Saturn, while taking elements of metalcore, deathcore, death metal and black metal throw it into a blender mix it all well until stirring becomes to thickened and you would get Snake Edge’s musical styles in a summary.

Now, artwork wise if you’re fans of Tekken you would understand the reference as Dark Resurrection was a port that was released on the Playstation Portable handheld device and is a upgraded version of Tekken 5 that was released aeons ago on the Playstation 2 home gaming console and I really seem to appreciate not because I’m a devoted fan to the franchise but to hear such excellence and amazingly crafted songs discussing the lore is worth listening. Songs like Shining Wizard, Run For Cover, 623RP and Sparkling for example is submerged into the heaviest, menacing and experimental albums that came out in 2021. Musically and progressively speaking the instrumentation work on here is very fluent as there’s no repetitiveness within the album’s presentation nor generic sounding.

This album is also magnificently produced as the tracks bring out a chaotic, apocalyptic and destructive energies are well utilized. From headbanging worthy drums, excellent vocal layers, intense and pummeling pieces of music waiting to be pierced within your own eardrums, The sense of brooding aggression, deep turmoil and rebellious strikes that punches you into a universe where the dependencies and summoned progressions unleash a path to set fourth and conquer anything in its own diabolical path. Dark Resurrection is a album opening up a portal to the Gates Of Hell leaving you speechless, scared and hanging a rope down your neck to swallow you whole as I truly feel the time and effort to discover a well experimented album is worth your time and investment.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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