OBSCURA – Diluvium

Germany’s very own Obscura has came a long way to create artistic and stylistic branches of technical and progressive death metal signatures since 2002. Dilivium, is the latest installment from these Germans after where 2016’s Akróasis left off. Musically, they’ve emphasized rhythmic variety in Guitar riffs, intelligent lyrics, simultaneous harmonies of Bass and Drums and doesn’t rehash older materialistic sound. Not only this is jam packed with outer space and philosophy lyricism, but the hint of heavy balances of instrumentals, progressive tones and innovative, crushing blast beat drums gives the album a much more perfection production of the mixing department and even contains dark passage ambiance starting ultra fast sonic speed of pure death metal oddities.

Steffen Kummerer, Rafael Trujillo and crew all are extremely skilled and well experienced musicians managed to play solidarity rich atmosphere of noticeable technical emphasized within their natural instinctive landmarks keeping the lyrical content alive and comprehensively speaking, these whirling powerful rhythms adds strength to reach out the definition of creativity, propelled instrumentation and the incredibly admiration of Obscura will seriously deliver unleashing sophistication.

Dilivium is Obscura’s most comeback albums since 2008’s Cosmogenesis and if you enjoyed their past material, Dilivium provides very well structured efficient tracks with impending constant and amplified slower sections of radiating goodness.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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