FETAL BLOOD EAGLE – Indoctrinate

International based brutal death metal band Fetal Blood Eagle are a relatively new artist that was formed around 2021 and have brought the extreme metal world into creating their debut full-length recording titled Indoctrinate and is released through Listenable Records. Musically and stylistically, the band plays a gruesome, brutalized, grindy and contemporary style of brutal death metal more in the veins of Aborted, Benighted, Dying Fetus and much more but this time around this album is full of aggressive tensions that not only will make your ears pierced and your headbanging will soon to be twisted, but the music itself really captures the flow and technical skill in which I’ve been pleasantly surprised in hearing such monstrous pieces of music in the first half of 2022.

What drew me to this band is not only the craftsmanship and songwriting is absolutely top notch but the instrumental leads, lyricism and technical displays of hearing such chaotic and frantic arrangements is just hellish throughout the entirety of this album. From the vocals giving that guttural low and high pitched screams, guitars giving it that eviscerated sound and drums sounding punishing as ever before to the stellar production as well, I have such a deep appreciation when new bands like Fetal Blood Eagle are understanding what their vision and delivery into making such exquisite and beautifully crafted song structures that a fan like myself always admired about the brutal death metal genre.

Songs like Caverns of Deformulated Flesh, Decompression Disembowelment, Abortion Dumpster Overload and the opening song of Necromorphic Illumination have these grindcore esque sort of sounds well as a technical brutal death metal approach in making these songs feel bombastic with such ambitious flavor non stop to keep things spicy, natural and flowing all the way through. This album is no exception and if you’re fans of brutal death metal or extreme metal in general, Indoctrinate is one of the most sickening and disgustingly heavy hitting records in all of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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