AM HIMMEL – As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow

I find it fascinating during my musical journey that many one person projects no matter what genre it is I feel that not only they deserve a lot of recognition but it seems to me they’re slept on which is a shame because this project known as Am Himmel is perhaps one that needs to be talked more in the music realm. The music is doomy, blackened, shoegazy and gothic oriented that is full of detail, darkness, atmosphere and adrenaline that makes your heart, soul and mind be as contorted and spiritual at times. This album is created by one person under the name Jmkp, who is the mastermind behind this project has created such a artistic, explorative, elegant, exotic and ancient like style record that incorporated many musical stylings such as doom metal, shoegaze, black metal, drone and even gothic to a extent with his lyrical content reflects on celestial pureness, Christianity, rituals and metaphysical voids being trapped into the everlasting light where all hope is filled with insanity.

These songs are described as sinister, otherworldly and unearthly and to me this album is surrounded by heavy dosages of atmosphere alongside experimental hybrids of ghoulish, devilish and hypnotic styled vocal melodies with these soothing, yet uncomfortably crafted synth driven layers that eases the mindset and body to make your essences feel connected to Jmkp’s unorthodox world. There’s moments where the songs The Fumes Of Thy Preposterous Torment, The Patience And Silence Of A Saint’s Death and Bleared By The Infinite Wings have a depressive suicidal black metal tendency in which I get a strong influence from Xasthur and the avantgarde, experimental approach from Lurker Of Chalice due to it’s dreadful, yet unsettling soundscapes that makes you feel weirded out but in my opinion, Jmkp’s vision and approach into making such a explorative and narrative record is absolutely flawless beginning to end. This project has serious potential to be a household name for the music community and As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow is a configurative and well structured album that many people should digest to.



Overall score
Review by Jake Butler


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