Scar Symmetry – The Singularity (Phase II: Xenotaph) album review

Unleashing Melodic Death Metal Mastery: Scar Symmetry's Resurgence with 'The Singularity (Phase II: Xenotaph)'

Melodic Death Metal is one of my favorite subgenres, as it was one of the first in extreme music to skyrocket my appreciation for death metal. Since then, it has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Scar Symmetry, a band I consider to be highly underrated, emerged from the melodic death metal scene. As a devoted fan since their amazing 2008 effort, “Holographic Universe,” I have enjoyed every album they have created. Now, “The Singularity (Phase II: Xenotaph)” marks their first record in nearly a decade, continuing from their previous release, 2014’s “The Singularity (Phase I: Neohumanity).”

For anyone familiar with Scar Symmetry’s style, their signature blend of melodic death metal with groove metal aesthetics has been a consistent pattern. Right off the bat, I can confidently say that this album delivered and met my expectations.

The members of Scar Symmetry poured their dedicated souls and craftsmanship into creating an album that is not only well-proportioned and expertly crafted but also highly experimental.

This record takes Scar Symmetry’s melodic death metal arrangements and incorporates groove metal elements, resulting in a narrative-driven presentation. The band members certainly know their way around the Gothenburg extreme metal scene, showcasing melodic riffs, alternating between triumphant full-speed sections and impressive drum patterns. The album showcases a creative force from start to finish.

“The Singularity (Phase II: Xenotaph)” retains the band’s signature thick-and-thin musical compositions while emphasizing intelligent themes. The organic tendencies of drumming, bass, and guitar are audible, and the alternation between harsh and clean singing sections brings a multitude of emotions, intricate details, and an adventurous territory.

Tracks like “Scorched Quadrant,” “Gridworm,” “Xenotaph,” and “Overworld” maintain consistency and contrast, demonstrating the band’s maturity and willingness to explore new musical horizons. They showcase their abilities to the fullest.

This album is valuable, ambitious, and exhilarating, promising to open up new, heavier melodic death and groove metal passages. It marks Scar Symmetry’s finest progression to date.

Overall score: 9/10

Review by: Jake Butler


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