Slamming Death Metal

WORMHOLE – Genesis

Wormhole are a international Brutal Death Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland USA, South Africa, Port Elizabeth and Falkirk, UK that formed in 2015 and have released the debut full-length album [click to continue]


Within Destruction are a slamming death metal/deathcore band formed in 2010 from the depths of Jesenice, Slovenia and play a style of Apocalyptic, Damnation and wretched style of Deathcore with Slam [click to continue]

ACRANIUS – Reign of Terror

Acranius are a Brutal Death Metal band formed in 2009 from Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany, and the best way to describe their sound would be a gory, misanthropic, torturous and murderous [click to continue]