OBLIVION – The Path Towards…

Californian technical death metal outfit Oblivion were formed in 2007 from the Bay Area and features former members from The Zenith Passage, Antagony and Hacksaw To The Throat. With the sophomore album through Unique Leader Records, The Path Towards continues to left off prior to 2013’s debut full-length Called To Rise. From sickening vocals, technical musicianship, progressive instrumentals and talented craftsmanship The Path Towards marks new heights and evolution to bring out such a diverse and well experimented album. Musically this album penetrates barriers and destructive forces to hear such devoured and menacing aggression catapults the songs making the selections beautifully well made. Scattered throughout the album’s amazing lyrical content, every member from Oblivion truly shines their craft as each instrument doesn’t rely too much technicality or progression but the overall statistics and influences being borrowed from Origin, Fallujah, The Faceless and even small traces of classical music is a great representation what Oblivion is trying to find their sound.

Clean production, punishing blast beat drums, and solid bass signatures, The Path Towards is best demonstrated as disgusted written all over it. Not to mention this album also introduces many iconic musicians including Karl Sanders from Nile, Enrico H. Di Lorenzo of Hideous Divinity, Eddie Hermida best known for deathcore bands Suicide Silence and All Shall Perish and Carlos Saldana from Connoisseur all collaborating different musical structures making the album simply enjoyable front to back. But if you were impressed from Called To Rise, The Path Towards is innovative, creative, and extremely memorable.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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