OPPRESSOR GOD – Mechanical Manslaughter


Technical death metal for 2018 has been a wild and exciting year with many bands coming together in the scene such as Alterbeast, INFERI, Rivers Of Nihil and Irreversible Mechanism. This time around, Arizona’s very own Oppressor God made the genre natural and extremely authentic. The instrumentation, production, atmosphere and artwork from the album showcases a technological and universal story about extraterrestrials. Songs such as Blood Splatter Entrails And Body Matter and Harvesting The Ripe have a very cool Sci-Fi approach while the guitars, bass, drums and chemistry work from these musicians have truly show themselves that the genre is still going alive and well.

This album really captures the modern day technical death metal atmosphere bringing many influences with bands ranging from The Zenith Passage and The Faceless to many others Oppressor God’s musical progressions and structures are made of. For an EP that’s nearly 22 minutes in length, this band is trying out all sorts of sounds to find what the band’s components really are. But overall as a massive technical death metal fan, Mechanical Manslaughter is a satisfying listening experience that fans of the genre will surely find what they’re looking for!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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