Pupil Slicer Blossom Album Review: Breaking New Ground in Metal Music

Pupil Slicer's "Blossom" Is A Genre-Bending Masterpiece

In my mid-thirties, I find great joy in exploring new bands and tracing their musical evolution. Pupil Slicer’s latest release, “Blossom,” offers a case study in this journey. This album effortlessly blends various genres and brings forth a super unique sound that resonates with influences from bands I grew up listening to. In this review, we’ll delve into the raw and captivating world of “Blossom” and uncover why it stands out as a must-listen in 2023.

Pupil Slicer’s “Blossom” embraces an array of musical genres, extending beyond the confines of metal. From mathcore to industrial, early 2000s screamo to Radiohead and Deftones, their sound encompasses a wide spectrum. This band effortlessly pushes the boundaries of metal into unexplored territories, resulting in a blend that is both chaotic, heavy, and dissonant, as well as dreamy and ethereal.

“Blossom” represents a raw album where concept and music align perfectly. Notably, it weaves a sci-fi/cosmic horror story that adds another layer of depth to the experience. Through the lyrics, Kate Davies takes listeners on a journey through an alternate universe, one filled with darkness and destruction. Kate’s vocals, ranging from unhinged screams to spacey cleans, contribute to the album’s captivating narrative. Accompanied by Frank Muir’s incredible riffs and leads, the entire band delivers a cohesive and powerful performance.

Every aspect of “Blossom” impresses, leaving little room for criticism. Listening to this album is an experience of discovering something you didn’t even know you needed. Pupil Slicer’s cohesion and clarity of purpose rival bands with multiple full-length releases. With their second album, they have exceeded expectations and created a masterpiece that demands attention in 2023. “Blossom” is a must-listen for its genre-bending sound and captivating storytelling.

Pupil Slicer’s “Blossom” is a masterpiece that defies musical boundaries. Through their genre-bending approach, the band pays homage to various influences while carving out their unique path. The rawness and cohesion of the album, coupled with Kate Davies’ compelling lyrics, make for an unforgettable experience. In 2023, “Blossom” stands as a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking innovation and exploration. Immerse yourself in Pupil Slicer’s captivating soundscapes and discover a new favorite in this remarkable album.

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Overall Score: 10/10

Review by: Dan Perretta


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