Ethereal Void’s ‘Gods of a Dead World’: Unleashing Raw and Gritty Old-School Death Metal

Old School Death Metal Is Alive And Well

I’m a sucker for “old school” death metal. It’s less polished than some of the more modern sub-genres.
Something about it always feels very raw and true. “Clean” production is great and has its place, but
sometimes you just want the whole thing. I want to hear the grit on occasion, the sound of the music
without the “noise” snipped out of the recording. So, when the newest album from Ethereal Void, Gods
of a Dead World, arrived at my inbox, I definitely got my fix.

Gods of a Dead World has everything you could want out of a straight up death metal offering. The riffs
are tight, but the guitar sound is absolutely filthy, which only delights me more. There are plenty of
melody and solos to be had as well. The bass and the drums have a natural and hammering sound that
will keep you strapped in for the entirety of the album. There are some more orchestral elements added
in that only contribute to overall vibe of the album. And the vocals are extremely reminiscent of some of
the masters of death metal. So. Much. Gravel.

The music pounds through your skull, marching forward with groove in every song. Each song has some
kind of hook that draws you in. It’s never the same, though, and never the coming from just one aspect
of the song. Ethereal Void really knows how to craft a song to grab your attention and keep it. Overall,
Gods of a Dead World is a cohesive album with plenty to offer fans of almost any genre touching death
metal. If you are looking a new album to please the old gods, give this one a spin for sure.

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Overall Score: 8/10
 Review by: Dan Perretta



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