Atmospheric black metal’s been a genre that I have started to appreciate and respect the nature behind it whether its the band’s doing the folky nature such as Summoning to the ambient structures of Darkspace. Fuath is a very interesting band that took me awhile getting into but once I heard a song or two I immediately jumped on board and started to give this release a much more in depth analysis. Released through Season Of Mist, II is the sophomore full-length album by Fuath which the band name is deprived in Gaelic meaning hatred and is the follow up to the debut full-length in 2016 titled I.

With II, this album is heavily influenced by the early to mid 90’s of the raw, cohesive and frosty sounding black metal bands such as Darkthrone, Mayhem, and even early Windir as the songs are channeling through the coldest nights and echoing voices to be heard in the deepest and most atmospheric sound possible, II‘s soundscapes, lyrical content and production is much more enhanced, enchanted, well produced and polished which is quite rare in this day and age since atmospheric black metal bands tend to use the tones, structures and dynamics a bit too much. But however, the songs and characteristics from a musical standpoint is portrayed to give the album a unpredictable sense of feel, touch and purpose where it doesn’t feel defeated but rather have the compositions, craftsmanship and symbolism be steadiness as it should.

Even songs like Endless Winter and Into The Forest Of Shadows features misty and intoxicating melodies with vocal patterns range anywhere from pitched highs, raspy lows and bellowed/ throaty singing harmonies does seem to be a little tiresome at first but once you get past that, you’ll notice the instrumentals from guitars, drums, bass, programming and undertones bring out a phenomenal performance through and through as this album does feel I’m listening to a early recording of a Burzum album due to the harmonizing pitches and fantastically driven album arrangements showcasing its primitive and darker roots where you feel the tendency to unleash your pride and heritage as this is a homage to Scottish folklore and its historical landmark and events. Even as myself who is selective to certain bands in the atmospheric black metal scene, Scotland’s Fuath does stand out from the rest. II is a solitary mountainside of a release to showcase a landscape so grandeur that this is one of the immersing journeys I’ve heard in atmospheric black metal.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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