AVERSED – Impermanent

Fans of Nightwish? Allegaeon? In Flames? The Gathering? Ne Oblivscaris? Arch Enemy and Soilwork? Well, if all those bands resonated with you congratulations you may as well enjoy Aversed and their new album Impermanent. Based out of Massachusetts, they played a style of melodic death metal with progressive structures and influences to primarily focus on their unprecedented beauty and self torment to create a vision and thought-provoking release in 2021. From the band’s strong emphasis on combining unadulterated violence of various genres including death metal, black, rock, classical and even blues music to their traditional sounds for melodic death, this album rules front to back. These songs feel claustrophobic, frightening, emotionally draining and angering which doesn’t happen too often for the melodic death metal genre but for Aversed they completely hit the ball straight out of the park.

Every song features catchy hooks, melodies, arrangements and the compositions here are not only unpredictable at times but it does keep the tempos and melodicism be straightforward and polished sounding to the album’s wonderful context. Songs for example such as Solar Sea, Laboratory and Nightshade captures the essence of beautiful rebirth, lighthearted leads of the vocals and guitars to the thundering, catapulted drums and audible bass showcases all of its dynamics and characteristics which may seem nothing is fresh or ordinarily but when you do hear these songs you will feel sense of tears running down your face on just how magnificent the craftsmanship and tracks came to life. Everything about this record is nearly perfect in my opinion whether it’s the album artwork, lyrics, production, arrangements and solid signatures to the faithful, wild, personal and wonderfully made songwriting, they’ve established themselves to not only bring adrenaline and whirlwinds of blasphemous aggression but the amounts of brutality displayed is indeed a enjoyable experience.

Even songs like Abandoned and Natsukashi for example introduces drum beats, blazing intensity and the vocal work demonstrated provides variety with a bit of nice melodies to keep this album on a heavy rotation. Lyrically and musically, Impermanent delivered such bliss to offer creative uniqueness to the album’s progression but this is a album that can be heard couple times to get a feeling where this band is going with the style they’ve created and I’m excited to hear future material coming from Aversed.



Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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