Today we got to speak with Ohio’s Death Metal band 200 Stab Wounds

MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview. Secondly, those who don’t know who you are, would you introduce yourself and what you do for the band? And thirdly, how are you holding up during these unprecedented times we’re facing through pandemic?

200SW: Thanks a lot, man. I’m Steve i play guitar and do vocals in 200 Stab Wounds. I’m holding up better now than I was in the beginning of the whole thing. One thing that helps is that We especially have a lot to look forward to this year. We finished writing our debut album, we just hooked up with a booking agency/management company, amongst other things. I think it will be a great year regardless of what happens.

MPM: 200 Stab Wounds are based out of Ohio where other amazing extreme metal outfits are residing in. From Sanguisugabogg, Skeletonwitch, Necrophagia, Nunslaughter and Woe Of Tyrants, what could you say about the metal scene coming out of Ohio and are there any bands you feel coming from the area people should check out?

200SW: I think the metal scene and music scene in general in Ohio is really great. There’s never a shortage of bands or talented creative people. The metal scene in particular though is really great. We’ve made a lot of great friends in bands, promoters, just people involved in general and there’s a great respect and camaraderie with everyone and we’ve always felt welcome (in our old bands). Some bands to check out is Inoculation, Embalmer, Fumigated.

MPM: The band has been with Maggot Stomp for quite sometime, how’s the relationship and label been treating for the band?

200SW:Scott treats us great. He’s very simple to work with and is just a sweet guy all around. He’s given us insight on things we wouldn’t really necessarily think about otherwise and he’s not afraid to tell you when something sucks and give you advice on what we should do when that type of thing happens.

MPM: Your latest EP, Piles of Festering Decomposition been out for quite sometime and I was very impressed to hear music that was death metal, but also have different genres from grind, black metal and some brutal death metal in between. What was the inspiration in the album title name and how did the name 200 Stab Wounds all came about?

200SW: The main inspiration for the title was just the music itself. It was just the most disgusting thing I’ve ever worked on in my life and the title fit the music and the lyrics. There wasn’t really anything in particular we were going for it just kind of came out the way it did. I think that’s why it was so well received because its such a genuine piece of work. The name 200 Stab Wounds, our guitar player Lance came up with it. He’s had it on the back burner for years and when I had came up with the songs, and finally decided to make it and actual band, I asked him to play guitar and we were trying to figure out what to call it and I was like “Dude, that name 200 stab wounds you came up with. Its perfect”

MPM: The band’s lyrical content ranges from death, decay, decompositions and other categories such as Horror. What could you say your influences be in writing lyrics that are not only thought-provoking but also insightful so to speak?

200SW: The way i think about it, we play very dark and negative music. Theres very horrible, negative things that happen in the world. It more or less matches the music. what we do, is that its stories about terrible situations that happen, and we just write about them through our point of view. We don’t condone anything that we sing about, or encourage anyone to act in that way. I know people like to think everyone in metal is satanic evil and horrible twisted people but the reality is, were just like everyone else. Theres very great people, and very horrible people anywhere in the world. If people do anything as sick and twisted as some lyrics that are out there, its not because of metal music, its because there was already something else wrong with them from the beginning. Our lyrics basically take negative situations, and turn them into a positive through art. Its stories of really terrible things that go on in the world, and story-telling and a release of aggression through music. Some people will understand it, and some won’t. We heavily respect that. Its not meant for everyone. But with this next album, were expanding onto different topics besides horror and gore. People will see what i mean when it comes out!

MPM: My favorite song on the EP would have to be She Was Already Dead from the Pissgrave like styled vocals, Malignant Altar guitar melodies and even got some groove components from older Six Feet Under signatures. Out of the songs on the EP, which track would you say is your most favored terms of the lyrics?

200SW: I would have to say She was already dead. Not even just the lyrics themselves, its the flow. Its such a well written and composed song, and its fucking heavy!

MPM: Since most of us in the extreme metal community don’t know when shows are gonna be coming back, what are some hobbies that kept you occupying in the meantime and what interests do you like to do that your fans may not know about?

200SW: I personally skate, cook, and exercise, listen to podcasts etc. I just like to never have my mind not occupied by something. Other than that i just always am writing music.

MPM: When recording Piles Of Festering Decomposition, was it a tough time arranging and writing the songs or has this been a easy target to know exactly what you feel and how you want the music to sound like?

200SW: Well like i said before, it just happened the way it did. At first, none of us thought this band was going to do shit. We just liked the songs that we had. When we recorded the EP, we just did it. No particular arrangements, or blueprints. Whats out now, is exactly how it was from the demos in the beginning.

MPM: What’s your take on physical media versus digital distribution for CD’s, LP’s and analog tapes?

200SW: Digital is great, because its so much easier to find and listen to bands now. No matter who it is. But nothing will beat having a physical copy of an album, because first off, your supporting the band directly. And secondly, you have the full package. Lyrics, photos, the design of the album CD and or tape, and of course the music.

MPM: If 200 Stab Wounds were to create the ultimate dream lineup tour when shows were a thing, what bands do you want to open for?

200SW: For me personally, it would be 200 Stab Wounds, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer.

MPM: Are there any upcoming releases in 2021 most excited for? If so, what bands/ albums are you anticipated to look forward to?

200SW: Inoculation!

MPM: Were you self taught learning music by ear or did you take lessons to inspire yourself being a musician that you are today?

200SW: I took guitar lessons when i was 7 for like a week, then i quit. So I’m self taught. Lessons were never for me personally.

MPM: Do you personally keep yourself in the loop of underground bands in the extreme metal scene or is that something you don’t like to discuss about?

200SW: Even though we’ve gained a lot of traction since our inception, Were a part of the underground, so its not very hard to stay in the loop. Theres so many great bands and people in extreme metal. Were very honored and happy to be a part of it. I try to always stay in tune with whats happening in the underground musically. And theres no shortage.

MPM: If music wasn’t your occupation, where do you see yourself persuading in the foreseeable future?

200SW: I could see myself brewing beer, or doing something helping people maybe like a therapist or a life coach.

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview, I like to personally thank you for taking the time doing this. Let’s all hope shows and normalcy can return soon enough so we can all go back doing what we do best. Is there anything you like to promote your latest EP, or announcements regarding new material that fans like myself can expect?

200SW: 2nd press of the EP is coming soon, and were going to record our debut album in may with a couple of music videos to look forward to. Thanks a lot for the interview man.




Interview by Jake Butler



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