ERIC PELLEGRINI – V3: The Green Hour

I don’t cover many solo artists on Metal Purgatory Media since its usually not in my favor of genres I’m heavily into. However, Eric Pellegrini is a upcoming solo artist who specializes in different musical genres from symphonic metal, industrial, gothic and even thrash metal to a extent. His ability and vision in wanting to create music that is not only interesting to me, but his interpretation as a guitarist and songwriter really sets the tone to have tracks filled with aggressiveness, technicality, dynamism and emotion since his music is heavily inspired by many different artists including Type O Negative, Fleshgod Apocalypse and many more on the spectrum.

Now, its pretty safe to say that his contributions and efforts not only paid off very well on how talented his music, lyrics and production is concerned but rather taking things bit further having the music be as experimental and dynamic is really one of the best highlights upon listening to this new record of his. When you listen to songs like Filth, Apocalyptic March and Industrial Magic for example not only you’ll have songs that contain such primal and darkened, atmospheric passages to set the album to be murky and disturbing at times, but in terms of his progression, visionaries and presences is concerned, he really does a fantastic job keeping every instrument feel audible, clear and detailed where I feel it doesn’t feel fleshed out or repetitive just to hear guitars, drums and the sound losing its sense of touch.

Then on other songs such as Monolith and Gothic I almost get a strong Nine Inch Nails influence due to the magnificent wonders of having electronics and programmed synthesizers which gives the album a early early mid 90’s industrial rock and metal flair as I almost feel like if the band Ministry were able to make music like that during their time, Eric Pellegrini captured the essence so beautifully. But for what it is, I really seem to enjoy the diversity Eric’s music is really all about and if you want something different and unique, V3 – The Green Hour may have something just for you and any fans of extreme metal or music as a whole.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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