UK based tech death band Cognizance has just released their second full length album Upheaval on September 24th and it’s 33 minutes of pure death metal sickness. The vocals sound so loud and aggressive, and compliment the heavy and technical riffs all throughout the album. These guys are bringing some intensity but not without adding insane melodic leads that keep each song interesting, and then throw in some groove riffs to give you a guaranteed stank face after hearing how brutal the vocals sound over them. My personal favorites are Aeon Sickness ( I suggest watching the playthrough video on YouTube, it’s amazing!), Syntheticus I – Atrophy and Syntheticus II – Refuge. All ten tracks are great and a solid album front to back! Highly recommend to any tech death/death metal fan!

Now on to the drums…. If any of you are an extreme metal drummer or a fan of metal drumming then you most likely know who David Diepold is… This guy is one of the most impressive drummers in the genre and is pretty well known throughout the drumming community by his absolute flawless drum videos/covers on YouTube. His drumming on this album is amazing and I strongly suggest that anyone that watches his videos, or is a fan of extreme metal drumming in general, listen to this ASAP and hear for yourself how good this guy is!

Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Nick Poulin



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