VILE IMPREGNATION – Vile Insemination Pt. 1

International based band Vile Impregnation have been around for quite sometime and my introduction to these guys was couple years back when they released the single in 2019 titled Lust Ritual which showcased the band their primal fury to incorporate elements of brutal death metal, blackened death and slam. Vile Inseminations Pt. 1 is a compilation release which is something I don’t generally cover on the website but after giving it many thoughts and listens, this material here is absolutely […]


INFECTED HUMANS – Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

Hailing all the way from Ecuador, Infected Humans are a brutal death metal band who’s catalog needs to be recognized and paid attention to because as the year is on the horizon, this album Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is one sick release front to back. Released through the mighty label of Gorehouse Productions, these Ecuadorians are surely capable of understanding their passion to create the heaviest, nauseated and disgusting pieces of extreme metal there is to offer. Musically, I get heavy […]



We got to speak with Josh Welshman the lead vocalist of Defeated Sanity! MPM: First off, how are you doing during these unprecedented times and those who don’t know who you are, would you introduce yourself to what you do? DS: Hey man! Doing as well as one can through all of this. For those who don’t know me, I’m the vocalist for Defeated Sanity and also a professional Recording/Mixing/Mastering engineer. MPM: As someone who’s been following Defeated Sanity since […]


SCORDATURA – Mass Failure

Underground Brutal Death Metal as a genre has never sounded appealing, fascinating and over the top leveling amounts of endless brutality and aggression is music to my ears. Meet Scordatura, a brutal death metal band hailing from the United Kingdom but currently based in Glasgow, Scotland being around since 2005 unleashing carnage and destruction in their pathways to release incredible albums after another. I got into this band around 2018 after hearing Self- Created Abyss in 2017 and was instantly […]



As someone who’s been into death metal for little over a decade now, there’s been some incredible releases within the extreme metal scene for 2020 and the new decade. Meet Post Mortal Possession, I had the honor and privilege to know these guys for couple of years now after listening to their debut full-length in 2018 called Perpetual Descent and absolutely loved what I heard. Now with the sophomore effort of Catacombs Of Bedlam released through Lord Of The Sick […]


CYTOTOXIN – Nuklearth

Germany’s Cytotoxin is a band that are putting their name out there in the technical brutal death metal department and with Nuklearth released through the mighty label of Unique Leader Records, this is exactly where the album picked up after the amazing 2017 release of Gammageddon which was my introduction to Cytotoxin. Musically, lyrically and atmospherically speaking, they’re best known from their the nuclear warfare and Chernobyl lyricism, to the authentic and ambitious songwriting which makes the album introducing a […]



Visions Of Disfigurement are a English brutal death metal band formed in 2013. Released through RealityFade Records, Aeons Of Misery is the sophomore full-length released in 2020 by Visions Of Disfigurement. Now, if you love slam that’s punchy, groovy, almost technical in a way then I truly feel this release will make you fit right in your eardrums. This album is heavy, punchy and showcasing the band’s most crafted and ambitious releases they’ve created to date. From the balanced instrumentals, […]


DISAVOWED – Revocation Of The Fallen

The Netherlands seems to be having some heavy-hitters when it comes to extreme metal anywhere from Severe Torture, Pyaemia, Prostitute Disfigurement, Arsebreed and others. Disavowed have been around for over 20+ years in their existence and have returned to make a killer album after a long 13 year gap since 2007’s Stagnated Existence with 2020’s Brutal Mind release of Revocation Of The Fallen. Disavowed is basically taking influences from Pyrexia, Suffocation, Disgorge (USA) Deeds Of Flesh and other American death […]


DECAYED FLESH – Eternal Misery

What do Indonesians and brutal death metal have in common? Their energy, presentation and chaotic atmosphere is what Decayed Flesh is. Released in 2020 through the amazing label of Brutal Mind, Eternal Misery is the debut full-length released by Indonesia’s Decayed Flesh. Musically, they take a wide spectrum of musical components and complimentary acts where it feels fresh, natural, and balls to the wall aggressive. Every track here is not only crafted, dynamic, and polished but you can tell that […]