Dawn Of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence Album Review

If you have ever been in a band, you know there are a fair number of shows that are…less than stellar.
I’m not just talking about small crowds or having to get tested for just stepping foot in a particular
venue. We have all been able to turn those into fun shows, at the least. No, I am talking about the shows
that make you question every choice you made in life leading up to that point. I mean you can’t drink
the water at the venue, sound guy doesn’t show up, everyone there is either the bands or friends of the
bands who all leave after they see the one band they came for, and the promoter is worthless kind of
show. All of that, and more, happened at the worst show I have ever played.

Last year, Dawn of Ouroboros had the dubious honor of having headlined that show. However, despite
how awful that show was, they gave it their all and sounded absolutely incredible. I was thoroughly
impressed by their performance. And just as impressive is their newest release, Velvet Incandescence,
their second album following The Art of Morphology in 2020.

Dawn of Ouroboros finds themselves really refining their sound on Velvet Incandescence. They continue
their foray into ethereal blackened progressive metal. I think that exactly describes their total vibe.
There is an almost floating nature to the album. And despite leaning towards the progressive side of
metal, the album never feels self-indulgent. You are always getting exactly what you need out of it and
nothing more.

Musically, everything is working together in harmony to create one cohesive piece. Chelsea Murphy
goes between a heavenly clean vocal and a searing scream throughout the album. She has the perfect
voice for the sound Dawn of Ouroboros is trying to accomplish. It meshes perfectly with the rhythm and
melody of the guitars and synth. Velvet Incandescence is an album with clarity. You can pick out every
note and beat, but it’s a much better album if you just let it wash over you and experience each song as
a whole.

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Overall Score: 8/10

Review by:Dan Perretta


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