Stockholm, Sweden’s very own Funeral Mist are one of the most innovative and recognized black metal bands throughout the early 90’s. Playing a style of blasphemous, darkened and satanic themed black metal, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist of this creation Arioch made not only incredible pieces of art but it’s a earlier take for “Pure” authentic black metal. He easily shred every trace of other musical acts creating many wide influences throughout their cold, blisteringly evil and haunting hatred sound he’s known for. It’s very comprised nothing but distinctive black metal flavorings that devolved within the scene up into this point.

Hekatomb is sweeping cold wind blowing through forests at a night sky due to it’s raw, emotional and minimizing pacing and variation just rightfully places the interesting riffings giving the album a solid component multiple layers of guitar tremolo picking singularly notes into condescending senses of grim tapestry. The bass simply follows the guitars and the drums usually play a sixteenth note due to semi blast beats which became dissertation. Songs are intellectual, consistent and features bunch of various elements of fillers. The self-contained imaginations leanings towards his musical abilities is an original embodiment containing confidence, abstracts, innovations and well expression melodies that are important characteristics. This is a fine black metal essential album everyone must hear to know what Arioch utilizes both lyrically and musically. One song on this record and you will visually appeal true qualifications. It’s an album deserves applicable attention and Hekatomb defines that spotlight to be a high 2018 contender for albums of the year list.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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