Night Demon- Outsider Album Review

The modern era of heavy metal has changed so much since the genre began, for its impact and influence.

From the days of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and others, to current day bands like Visigoth, Eternal Champion, and Spirit Adrift, California’s very own Night Demon have resurrected from the horrifying grave and released what appears to be the band’s most diverse and experiment-driven album to date.

Night Demon was formed in 2011, and it is a band I have been hearing wonderful things about since I’m an experienced heavy metal fanatic. When I discovered their sophomore album titled “Darkness Remains,” not only was I very impressed with their signature sound, but the style of heavy metal they’ve been doing for quite some time was a great experience to hear front to back.

“Outsider” is the third full-length recording and is the continuation of 2017’s “Darkness Remains” and is released through the label Century Media Records.

Night Demon takes a wide variety of influences from both British and American heavy metal bands, anywhere from Enforcer, Haunt, Angel Witch, Saxon, and Diamond Head, and the band is known for writing lyrical themes of evil, darkness, and demons.

From the epic guitar leads, audible drum work, and commendable vocals to the prominent bass signatures, this album has heavy metal attitude written all over it.

Tracks such as “Rebirth,” “The Wrath,” “Beyond The Grave,” and “Obsidian” gave the members of Night Demon a lot of inspiration and dedication into writing a record so compassionate, so authentic, and their craftsmanship alone is one of my favorite moments upon hearing the album.

What also made “Outsider” a much stronger and refined album in comparison to their previous work is there’s more aggression, more speed, and they’ve reinvigorated the brilliant soundscapes of the mid to late 90s style of heavy metal, but adding their own take and twist in which they’ve really outdone themselves as a band.

“Outsider” is Night Demon’s best work to date, and if you’re fans of heavy metal with speed arrangements in the mix, definitely give this a shot.

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Overall score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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